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Myanmar Agape Orphanage in Hmawbi Township

SAM Charity Visit 2020


On Saturday, the 14th of March, the Charity Committee of SAM visited Myanmar Agape Orphanage in Hmawbi Township to inspect their operations and also to give them a special donation of 8,000,000MMK on behalf of members and donors of the Singapore Association of Myanmar(SAM).

Myanmar Agape Orphanage was one of the two charities selected by SAM to receive this sponsorship, out of the 12 charities who submitted proposals for additional funding for special projects. These projects had to centre around the theme of bettering the welfare of children/youth through education, programs, provision of basic needs, materials, equipment and facilities.

Myanmar Agape Orphanage currently looks after 70 boys and 50 girls who make up mostly of orphans and some abandoned children. This fund that we are donating will pay for the construction of a Multi-Purpose Hall which they plan to build themselves using the donated funds for building materials and wages for skilled workers. The hall will be used as a Dining, Study and General-Purpose Hall.

Our inspection revealed that the orphanage is well run, the children seem happy and well.
This is not the first time this orphanage had won a special sponsorship from SAM. In the past, they won a special funding of 4.5 million MMK to start a pig farm.

In the beginning, they only had 5 Pigs. Now, they have 72 Pigs and the adult ones are huge. When we first inspected the sty, they were just lazing on the dirty floor except for the piglets but when they heard or smelled me preparing their lunch, they went wild and almost got out of their confinement. They stood taller than us, was huge & salivating. It was kind of scary but fun to experience too. These pigs are used to help fund their operations.

We hope to support them more in the future with practical assistance besides donations. If there is any member who is interested to join us in this effort, please let us know. Thank you.

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