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SAM Charity visit to Myanmar Agape Orphanage (2 March 2017).


The SAM Charity Committee and a team of volunteers visited the Myanmar Agape Orphanage on 2 March 2017.

The orphanage, one of the 13 charities supported by SAM, takes care of 130 children and youth. We are very heartened to see that the children and youth are well taken care of in a clean environment. SAM’s donations were used to purchase firewood for cooking nutritious food for the children.

The orphanage is also constantly looking for ways to sustain itself. It rears piglets and chickens and uses the revenue generated to pay for tuition fees for the children. Many of them have since graduated from college and started their own families.

During our visit, the SAM Charity Committee brought towels and pajamas for the children and hired a magician to entertain them. Our volunteers also played games with them.

Special thanks to the volunteers for taking time off their busy schedules to join us for the visit. We will also like to thank Mr Phillip Gwee for donating snacks and drinks to the children, Ms Jeanette Lee for the vitamins and toys, Ms Selina Ang for the rice, Ms Joy Lee and her family for the clothes and toys, Ms Rose for the exercise books and pencils, Ms Amie for the treats and Mr Kenny Foo for the cash donation.

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